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Vitality (1 oz)


Enhances strength, growth and overall health of hair, skin and nails

We have thoughtfully blended this extract with nourishing herbs traditionally used to improve the strength, growth and overall health of hair, skin and nails. The health of our hair, skin, and nails is a reflection of our overall health body wide and can be an indication of nutritional deficiency if they are weak, brittle, dull or unhealthy.

This formula has been known to have the following benefits:

* Very nourishing and high in various vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, silica and protein, all of which support healthy hair, skin and nails.

* The silica, calcium, iron and other nutrients from the herbs help to strengthen nail growth and prevent or reduce weak, brittle and splitting nails, nail ridges, white spots and poor color return of the nail beds.

* The various nutrients from these herbs improve the growth, strength, thickness and shine of hair minimizing dull and dry hair with split ends.

* The nutrient rich herbs help improve the elasticity of our skin making it more supple with a healthy glow and can help speed the healing of skin abrasions, cuts, scrapes, etc.

* Increased circulation helps deliver the nutrients throughout our body more efficiently and helps to stimulate and speed the rate of hair and nail growth.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Rehmannia Root, Horsetail Herb, Yellow Dock Root, Rosemary Herb, Fresh Wild Oat Seed, Nettle Leaf and Alfalfa Herb > infused in 55-65% Grain Alcohol and Deionized Water

Made with organic or ethically wild harvested ingredients!

Herb Strength Ratio 1:2.3

Suggested Use: Mix 30-60 drops with a small amount of water or juice and take up to 4 times daily or as needed. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. Consult your health care advisor regarding the use of herbs during pregnancy, with infants or prescription drugs.

Shake well before using!

WARNINGS: Do not take during pregnancy. Keep out of reach from children.

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