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Nursing & Colic Helper (2 oz)


Humboldt Herbals Formula

We thoughtfully formulated this blend with herbs historically used to stimulate lactation and milk let-down to aid with nursing and herbs which help reduce digestive discomfort or colic in infants.

This formula has been known to have the following benefits:

* Stimulates the milk let-down reflex from the glands in the breasts so milk is more available.

* Stimulates the prolactin hormone which increases milk production and flow.

* Can support or minimize mild cases of post partum.

* Herbal properties pass through the milk to help relieve digestive discomfort in infants such as gas, bloating and cramps which is commonly referred to as colic.

* Can help expel excess gas which causes hiccups and excessive burping in infants.

* Helps reduce gastric reflex discomfort in infants.

* Can help reduce fussy behavior in infants after nursing due to colic pains.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Anise Seed, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Dill Seed and Blessed Thistle Herb infused in 40-50% Grain Alcohol and Deionized Water

Made with organic or ethically wild harvested ingredients!

Herb Strength Ratio 1:3

Suggested Use: Mix 30-60 drops with a small amount of water or juice and take up to 4 times daily or as needed. Properties of herbs will pass through breast milk to the infant to aid with colic or digestive discomfort. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. Consult your health care advisor regarding the use of herbs during pregnancy, with infants or prescription drugs.

Shake well before using!

WARNINGS: Do not take during pregnancy except within the last couple weeks before expected due date. Safe while lactating and breastfeeding. Keep out of reach from children.

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