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Digestive Bitters (1 oz)


Enhances digestion and reduces symptoms such as gas, bloating, intestinal cramps and feelings of over-eating

This blend has been formulated with carminative and bitter herbs historically used before or after meals to enhance digestion and reduce uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Bitter herbs and food have been used in traditional cuisine from many cultures including Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and primitive traditions as it is believed they are essential for digestion and overall health.

Even though our blend contains bitter herbs we have thoughtfully formulated it with delicious spices which are also beneficial for digestion so it is tasty and enjoyable to use.

This formula has been known to benefit the following:

* Helps to stimulate appetite especially when used 15-30 minutes before meals.

* Stimulates digestive enzymes and acids which are critical for digesting the food we eat.

* Reduces the heavy and bloated feeling from overeating.

* The herbs in this blend have carminative actions which help reduce gas, cramps and general digestive discomfort.

* Eases the discomfort from poor food combining and food allergies.

* Some of the herbs increase energy flow and circulation to the GI track to improve a cold, stagnant and sluggish digestion.

* Stimulates liver functions especially bile flow to improve digestion and elimination.

* Can help with constipation or loose stool if it is caused by weak or poor digestive functions.

* Calms an upset stomach.

* Supports and reduces the negative effects stress has on our digestion.

* It is believed in many traditions that a healthy digestive system influences our overall health and well being.

* 95% of our serotonin is produced in the GI tract so healthy digestion is critical for healthy serotonin which is beneficial for a happy mood and overall well-being.

* 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. Using digestive herbs and having a healthy environment for beneficial flora to thrive in our GI tract supports a healthy immune system.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Dandelion Root, Artichoke Leaf, Gentian Root, Yellow Dock Root, Fennel Seed, Catnip Herb, Orange Peel, Fresh Ginger Root, Cardamom Seed infused in 45-55% Grain Alcohol and Deionized Water

Made with organic or ethically wild harvested ingredients!

Herb Strength Ratio 1:2.4

Suggested Use: Mix 30-60 drops with a small amount of water or juice and take 30 minutes before meals for best results. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. Consult your health care advisor regarding the use of herbs during pregnancy, with infants or prescription drugs.

Shake well before using!

WARNINGS: Do not take during pregnancy. Keep out of reach from children.

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