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Blessed Thistle Skatha's Warrior Tea


Handcrafted Herbal Tea Blend

Skatha is the legendary warrior woman of the Isle of Shadows where all the great Scottish warriors came to learn the art of battle. She honed their skills so that victory was certain.

Drink this tea to fend off the foes of illness such as colds, flu, respiratory infections, and other drudgery. Blended with herbs to stimulate your immune system, support the lymphatic system, sooth bronchials, and fight hard to bring you vitality. Let the battle begin, with a cheer to strength and honor.

Ingredients: elderberry, echinacea, osha root, thyme, chamomile, oregano, eucalyptus, red root

Blessed Thistle is a beautifully blessed line of herbal teas made by a local herbalist from Ferndale, California. All herbs are either organically grown or ethically wild crafted.

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