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Blessed Thistle Isolde's Love Tonic


Handcrafted Herbal Tea Blend

Legend tells of Isolde drinking a love potion meant for her and her betrothed, King Mark, with a bold knight Tristan, instead. This magic potion was so great, that Love and Passion eclipsed all of their sorrow, pain and despair so they knew no fear. They saw the turning of the world as it was fueled by love.

If there was a love tonic that might throw the world into a rapture for beauty and love, this is it! A dynamic marriage of herbs with tonic and nervine properties that will give cause for passion to blossom while easing daily distress and nurturing a sense of well being. Complete with a kiss of magic to kindle a lust for life. Drink deep and fear not for the world needs love above all else!

Ingredients: rose hips, red clover, honeybush, cornsilk, chamomile, damiana, roses, lemon balm, peppermint.

Blessed Thistle is a beautifully blessed line of herbal teas made by a local herbalist from Ferndale, California. All herbs are either organically grown or ethically wild crafted.

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