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Love Shoyeido Incense


Opens and expands love

A special blend of herbs and sandalwood provides a subtle hint of the feeling of love. We are always in and surrounded by love. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Includes approx. 35 incense sticks and a ceramic burner. No synthetic oils or fragrances! No animal ingredients! No animal testing!

Ingredients: Benzoin (Styrax), Spikenard (Nardostachys rhizoma), Sandalwood (Santalum), Balsam Tolu (Myroxylon balsamum), Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus L.) and spices

The artful blend of carefully selected natural ingredients makes Shoyeido’s incense unique and exclusive. This company, from Japan, has been refining blending and drying techniques for three hundred years. All incenses are made from premium aromatic woods, herbs and spices and with no synthetic oils or fragrances! Made with NO animal ingredients and NO animal testing!

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