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Dot's Wonder Pet Products

Dot's Pet Powder Products are wonderful supplements to nourish and balance your pet, improving overall health, well-being, endurance and vitality.

Suggested Serving: 1 tbsp per 50 pounds of weight, sprinkled in food 1-2 times daily

Ingredient Information:

Flax seed meal: Provides fiber supporting the digestive system and essential fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties and supports overall cognitive health.

Bone meal: Provides calcium and other important minerals for strong and healthy bones.

Alfalfa: Highly nutritive, rich in various vitamins and minerals. Supportive for arthritic and rheumatic conditions in animals.

Dandelion leaf: Highly nutritive with various vitamins and minerals, including iron and potassium.

Nettle leaf: High in various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and iron. Helpful for allergy symptoms and prevention.

Oats: Nutritive, especially in B-vitamins and calcium. Soothing and re-building to the nervous system.

Astragalus: Builds and strengthens the immune system to increase resistance. Enhances energy and endurance.

Spirulina: A highly nutritive algae providing various vitamins and minerals including all 21 amino acids and the entire B complex. A complete protein also rich in beta carotene. Enhances and sustains energy levels.

Kelp: Provides trace minerals for a healthy coat. Rich source of iodine. Also helpful for detoxing and protecting your pet against environmental toxins.

Wakame and Kombu: Seaweeds which provide various vitamins and trace minerals. Helpful for detoxing and protecting your pet against environmental toxins.

Nutritional yeast: High in protein and B vitamins; discourages flee infestation

Grape seed extract: A very strong antioxidant for overall immune support.

Vitamin C: Antioxidant; supports and stimulates the immune system

Glucosamine sulfate: Provides components to rebuild joints and increase flexibilty. Supports arthritic conditions, inflammation, aging bones and joints, etc.

MSM: Known to relieve pain and inflammation, reduce muscle spasms and increase blood flow. Great support for arthritic conditions and aging bones and joints.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): A strong antioxidant that helps repair and deter free radicals that can attack and damage the joints and other cells throughout the body. Helpful for preventing and supporting degenerative and inflammatory conditions.

Catalase: An antioxidant enzyme present in most living cells. Helpful for hydrogen and oxygen metabolism throughout the cells of the body