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Dirty Dog Shampoo


Organic From Camamu

Buzz, a gorgeous golden Lab, was a founding member of Camamu back in 2000 and inspired their Dirty Dog Shampoo. Camamu lovingly put his health and welfare and that of his many doggy buddies on top of the list and formulated a safe, non-toxic shampoo free of chemicals, pesticides and harsh detergents.

Dirty Dog Shampoo is made from a nourishing and conditioning base oil blend infused with neem leaf and rosemary powders and scented with a flea and tick repellent essential oil blend. The end result is a shiny coat, non-itchy skin and a sweet smelling dog. As well as gently cleansing, this shampoo has the added benefit of removing poison oak and ivy oils from your dog's coat.

Ingredients: olive, coconut, castor, palm, apricot kernel, neem, avocado & sweet almond oils infused with neem leaf & rosemary powder and an essential oil blend of citronella, eucalyptus, lemon eucalyptus, cedar and petitgrain

100% natural, gluten free & vegan

Free of detergents, fragrance oils and all synthetics

Shampoo bars are small, light and easy to transport. They create no plastic bottle waste and make great traveling companions especially when camping. To use, just wet your dog's fur, rub all over with the bar until a lather forms, put the bar aside and scrub as usual. The solid bar makes it easy to clean your dog's underbelly and other harder to reach areas. Rinse well. Due to the high castor oil content in the shampoo, it's best if you keep this bar in a dry place between use.

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