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Dog Calm


Eagle Peak Herbals Animal Health Care Products

There are many times when our four-footed friends are anxious, nervous, in heat, or experiencing mental/emotional/physical stress, i.e. when in the vicinity of fireworks or gunshots. These herbs have been used successfully to keep dogs’ brains calm when overstimulated and to assist with seizure problems.

Ingredients: Dry, certified organic Skullcap leaf and flower (Scutellaria laterifolia); fresh, certified organic Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis); dry, certified organic Hops strobiles (Humulus lupulus); fresh, certified organic Passionflower and vine tops (Passiflora incarnata); fresh, organic California Poppy whole plant (Eschscholzia californica); distilled water, certified organic cane alcohol, and pure vegetable glycerin

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