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Colic Relief Massage Oil


By Herbal Infusions

Use as a belly massage oil to ease colic pain and general digestive discomfort. Relaxes the digestive system to relieve gas, cramps, constipation and an upset stomach. A tried and true remedy made by a local mama to help relieve her baby of colic pains. Great for all ages including infants.

Valerian is known to relax cramps, spasms and ease pain throughout the body. Both Fennel and Dill have a long history of use on infants suffering from colic pains and helping all ages with digestive discomfort. Castor oil has been traditionally used for pain and inflammation and is a great remedy for constipation or when an infant's belly is tight, bloated and gassy.

Fresh Valerian root is used in the infusion to reduce what is know as “the valerian hangover” or feelings of grogginess after use which can be common when using the dried root, making this remedy safe and effective for children of all ages including infants.

Directions: This oil is most effective when massaged on the belly in a clockwise motion & followed with leg exercises bringing the knees up to the belly, holding a few seconds and releasing. A hot compress or warm bath can also increase effectiveness.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Shake before use! Discontinue if irritation or unusual symptoms occur. Avoid eye contact!

Use 1-2 droppers for children under 2; 3-4 droppers for ages 2 and older; Repeat if needed

Ingredients: Fresh Valerian Root infused in Olive, Sesame & Coconut Oils with Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils of Fennel & Dill

~All Ingredients are Organic or Cultivated without Chemicals

Herbal Infusions is one of our local herbal businesses made by one of our Herbalist at Humboldt Herbals. These are tried and true remedies created to comfort her own child and many other children in our community.

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