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Children’s Calming Massage Oil


A relaxing massage oil for infants and children

This relaxing massage oil is a great remedy to calm your infants and children. Use for restlessness, irritability, fussy behavior, stress and anxiety. A tried and true remedy made by a local mama to help her restless baby sleep peacefully at night and for calming emotional upset.

Not only do Valerian and Chamomile help relax and with sleep, they reduce pain and inflammation aiding with any general tension or discomfort including teething pains. Lavender essential oil has a long history of use to calm and relax, easing stress and anxiety. It is one of the best remedies to help young ones fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Fresh Valerian root is used in the infusion to reduce what is know as “the valerian hangover” or feelings of grogginess after use which can be common when using the dried root, making this remedy safe and effective for children of all ages including infants.

Rubbing your medicine into your feet can be beneficial as the herbal properties are instantly absorbed into the blood stream and nervous system with a fast-acting effect. Oral applications can sometimes take much longer to feel the effects as most of the herbal properties need to be absorbed through the digestive system before entering the blood stream and nervous system.

Directions: Massage on the soles of feet for sleep, restlessness, irritability, stress and anxiety or on the jaw line for teething pain. 3-5 drops can be massaged into the heart center or wrist points to reduce irritability, stress and anxiety.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Shake before use! Discontinue if irritation or unusual symptoms occur. Avoid eye contact!

Use 5-10 drops for infants under 1; 10-15 drops for 1-2 years; 15-20 drops for 2 years and older; Repeat if needed

Ingredients: Fresh Valerian Root and Chamomile infused in Olive, Sesame & Coconut Oils, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender and Blue Chamomile

~All Ingredients are Organic

Herbal Infusions is one of our local herbal businesses made by one of our Herbalist at Humboldt Herbals. These are tried and true remedies created to comfort her own child and many other children in our community.

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