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FemRebalance is designed to promote a woman's normal hormone profile. There are many reasons the endocrine system becomes disrupted and this formula offers support to 'reset' hormone levels.

Borage Oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which research shows to be beneficial in supporting hormonal balance for women.

Promotes regular ovulation with the herbs: Chaste tree berry, Licorice, Black cohosh.

Maca root is included for overall tonic support for the endocrine system.

Traditional herbal support comes from Vervain and Sarsaparilla, both of which have a history of tonic support for women's menstrual cycles.

Rhodiola is included for adaptogenic and antioxidant support, especially helpful after cleansing or when hormones are out of balance.

Indications: Formulated to restore and reset a woman's hormone profile, especially after a detox protocol, after discontinuing birth control pills, after stopping breastfeeding, during perimenopause to ease the transitional time and numerous other situations that upset the balance of the endocrine system.

Contains: Licorice Root, Chaste Tree Berry, Rhodiola Root, Borage Oil Powder Extract, Maca Root, Vervain Herb, Sarsaparilla Root extract, Wild Yam Root, Black Cohosh rhizome and root extract.

Suggested Use: Two (2) capsules per day.

Contraindications: Avoid use of this product if pregnant, nursing or if you have high blood pressure or are being treated for high blood pressure. Avoid if bipolar.

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