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Migraine Relief


Ridgecrest Herbals

Relieves headache and migraine pain naturally without side effects. Works quickly and effectively.

Migraine Relief™ combines homeopathic pain relief with herbs to soothe, comfort, and relax the mind and body. Take regularly for prevention, or only as needed. Contains ingredients to help:

• relieve migraine & headache pain

• soothe irritated nerves & senses

• support healthy blood circulation

Because headaches and migraines have so many possible causes, treating them can be a real challenge, often requiring relief of multiple possible causes and symptoms. Migraine Relief is a complex formula that uses both homeopathic medicines and Chinese herbs to address a large number of these possible causes. In addition, many of the ingredients overlap in many ways, so that many of the possible causes are addressed by more than one ingredient. Migraines, especially, are known for having multiple overwhelming symptoms, that can be very difficult to treat. To meet these challenges, Migraine Relief contains both a homeopathic formula for relief of headache pain, and a Chinese herbal formula to support normal vascular and nerve inflammation response.

Migraine Relief contains several potential headache triggers in a highly diluted form, designed to help the body better respond to headache triggers and other challenges to the brain and vascular system, working both to treat and prevent headache and migraine pain.

In addition,Migraine Relief also contains two separate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas for the vascular and nervous system. These ingredients help to normalize vascular inflammatory response, soothe the nerves, and calm the mind and senses. These ingredients work with and support the homeopathic ingredients to soothe and help prevent many different kinds of headaches, from the familiar tension headaches to the most excruciating kinds of headaches, including cluster headaches and migraines.

Depending on individual needs, Migraine Relief can be used as an occasional remedy (taking it just when a headache strikes), or as a preventative or reducing measure for chronic, periodic, or episodic migraine or other headaches.

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