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Kidney Aid


Ridgecrest Herbals

KidneyAid™ is a unique herbal formula designed to support kidney health. The ingredients in KidneyAid are known to help:

Support kidney function*

Maintain balanced electrolytes*

Promote urine flow*

Using a unique formulation of well-known herbs with historical efficacy in cultures across the world, KidneyAid™ provides invigorating support for the critical role of keeping the blood clean, supporting overall health throughout the body. Think of your kidneys as your city's copper wires. You don't think about them much from day-to-day until some loser copper thief wipes out your entire city's electric grid and you suddenly realize how addicted you are to HGTV. Kidney health declined sharply in the 1980's, likely due to the stress of the modern Western diet. Our cultural shift away from clean water to juices, sodas, and other beverages puts stress on the kidneys and makes it harder for them to do their job. Like a toxic relationship, kidney function can affect energy levels, general comfort, urinary health, mental clarity, weight management, and more. Keeping your kidneys healthy, to begin with, and actively taking steps to regularly detox your kidneys can help you keep your entire body in tip-top shape.


Plantain Leaf

The traditional belief is that English plantain will grow wherever an Englishman sets foot. Meanwhile, the Shoshones used it after battle and other cultures used it to get rid of spiders. Today we know it has diuretic properties, helping increase urine flow to aid the kidneys in flushing out toxins.

European Goldenrod Flower

After the Boston Tea Party, colonists would use goldenrod as an alternative to teas from East India Company ships, and referred to the concoction as "Liberty Tea." Historically herbalists used it for the urinary tract and the kidneys. Modern science has shown it to have astringent properties that may help support balance within these systems.


An Indian spice, fenugreek has a slight maple syrup taste and is often used to flavor imitation syrup products. Used throughout the world, science has yet to conclusively determine its health benefits, but it has been used for millennia to support digestion and kidney health.

Horsetail Herb

A less common TCM herb, modern horsetail is actually the descendant of one of the oldest plants in existence, predating even the dinosaurs to the Carboniferous period around 320 million years ago. Horsetail is rich in silica, a common trace mineral in natural hair support products.

Hydrangea Root

An ancient plant dating as far back as 70 million years ago, hydrangea gets its name from the Greek word for water vase. While there are many beneficial herbal uses for this lovely flowering plant, one important distinction is its classification as a lithotriptic herb, meaning it promotes decalcification in the body.

Juniper Berry

Used throughout history in almost every recorded civilization and found in Tutankhamen's grave, juniper berry is a very common ingredient in gin - which gets its name from the Dutch word for juniper, "jenever." Used traditionally for wound care as an antiseptic, today it is known to have isocupressic acid, communic acid, and deoxypodophyllotoxin content.

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