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Hair ReVive


Ridgecrest Herbals

Formulated to support the nutritional needs of healthy hair, RidgeCrest Herbals' Award-Winning Hair ReVive™ is a unique combination of nutritional and herbal supplements formulated to help:

Promote natural growth*

Encourage healthy, full hair*

Support natural recovery from styling & chemicals*

RidgeCrest Herbals is proud to offer Hair ReVive™, a unique and powerful combination of nutritional and herbal ingredients that work together for female hair support (2018 Taste for Life Women’s Essential Awards, Winner, Hair Restoration). By combining biotin and silica with other vitamins and minerals, herbs, and bioflavonoids, Hair ReVive supports the nutritional needs of the body for cleansing follicles, fighting stress, and promoting healthy hair growth. 40% of women experience visible temporary hair thinning by the time they reach middle age, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Especially for mothers with young children, this hair-thinning is extremely common and can be emotionally devastating in a society that places so much pressure on appearance and youth. But there is more to it than that. Healthy hair is an indicator of overall good health. Hair Revive’s goal is to help support women get the nutrients they need to maintain healthy, normal hair. It provides nutrients, trace minerals, and bioavailable sources of silica and iodine to support positive hair growth, encourage a longer growing cycle, and remove barriers to thicker, healthier hair.

NOTE: Our Stress Nutrition Complex minimizes the adverse effects of stress by supplying vitamins and minerals that are critical for hair to weather difficult times, including a full gamut of Vitamin B complex vitamins that are key to proper hair growth. Most women get only 150-200mcg of biotin from their diet, but hair experts recommend 3,000-6,000 mcg daily.


Horsetail Herb

A less common TCM herb, horsetail today is actually the descendant of one of the oldest plants in existence, predating even the dinosaurs to the Carboniferous period around 320 million years ago. Horsetail is rich in silica, a common trace mineral in natural hair support products.

Stinging Nettle Leaf

Found in Chinese fabric in the 15th dynasty, and a core element of a European fairy tale, the cultural history of nettle is fascinating and far-reaching. Common in herbal medicine throughout the world, today we know it is rich in multiple vitamins and minerals, as well as 5HTP and an impressive potential to support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.

Bamboo Stem and Leaf

Fast growing and sustainable, bamboo is an excellent textile, building material, and food source. Much of its unique benefits come from it being a rich source of silica, a traditional TCM ingredient. In that herbal philosophy, it is believed to clear heat and cool the heart. We now know silica is a trace mineral involved in the process of supporting strong blood vessels, encouraging circulation and hair growth, and is an ingredient in many natural hair products.


A seaweed found in many regions worldwide, kelp is an incredibly rich source of iodine, a necessary mineral for health. Iodine plays a crucial role in the body's ability to manufacture and manage thyroid hormones and overall thyroid wellness or function. Studies have shown it may help strengthen good thyroid function and help promote healthy weight. It also contains dozens of essential vitamins and minerals in naturally occurring forms.

Fo-Ti Stem

A Chinese legend goes that a famous herbalist used Fo-Ti Stem to live to the ripe old age of 256 while maintaining 24 wives. Modern research indicates that an alkaloid in Fo-Ti Stem has rejuvenating properties, and though the body of scientific work is still scanty, evidence exists that it has antioxidants that support various functions in the body including the maintenance of natural hair color.

Notopterygium Root

Often used to manage daily physical comfort, this root in TCM is known as Qiang Huo. In that tradition, it is used to expel wind and disperse cold. It has a bitter flavor to support digestion and provide comfort during times of stress.

Rehmannia Raw Root

Part of TCM, this herb was traditionally used to nourish Yin. Containing over 20 kinds of amino acids, Rehmannia root contains alkaloids, phosphoric acid, Vitamin A, and polysaccharides, along with numerous other components.

Eclipta Herb

An herb from TCM, Eclipta is a flowering plant often called "false daisy" because of their similar flowers. Used for the liver and kidney channels, a 2009 study on methanol extract of Eclipta indicated that there may be benefits that support healthy hair.

Ligustrum Fruit

Found in the earliest Chinese texts, Ligustrum fruit was used to tonify the liver and kidneys, and was believed to help graying hair. Today it is used to help promote the body's natural hair growth process.

Chinese Peony Root

A symbol of prosperity in Asia, peony has spiritual traditions in Greek, Buddhist, and American Hoodoo culture. Named after the Greek physician god Paeon, peony has now been shown to contain many beneficial compounds that can support the body in dealing with a variety of issues. Studies have shown peony root can help support female issues that may affect hair loss.

Dong Quai Root

The phytochemicals within this plant are said to help support the body in white blood cell production. Renowned for its ability to encourage a positive immune response, Dong Quai Root has many wellness-promoting properties. Studies show it may help the body's ability to naturally dilate bronchioles to support open airways and encourage circulation to the lungs and respiratory system. In addition, it contains small amounts of vitamins A and E, biotin, carotene, and pantothenic acid.

Availablend™ Bioavailability Complex

Availablend™ is RidgeCrest Herbals' patented blend containing several ingredients that have been recognized for their digestive and bioavailability-supporting properties. It includes ginger root, black pepper, habanero pepper, and Sichuan pepper.*

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