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New Chapter

Super Potent, Super Pure

Every day, millions of us look to herbal therapeutics to support everything from healthy joint function to bone strength to immune health. With New Chapter’s Herbal Therapeutics, you get the maximum nutritional, protective benefits of the whole herb, complete with all of nature’s healing wisdom.

Unlike most brands, New Chapter:

Selects only the finest, purest whole herbs, many of them organically grown.

Supercritically extracts the herb to preserve the plant’s whole healing wisdom.

Expertly blends each herb with other critical herbs for a synergistic effect, using science and tradition as their guides.

All extracts are Supercritically Extracted using natural, non-chemical solvent ways to extract the plant. It’s a gentle, safe, highly effective method that delivers incredible purity. Most other brands use a harsh, high heat process featuring hexane and acetone -- industrial solvents also used in dry cleaning and nail polish remover. New Chapter has never used those practices and never will.