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Supports mood, memory, focus, and attention span

Promotes learning and problem-solving abilities.

Promotes alert daytime learning by calming the preoccupied mind.

Bacopa plant constituents support the brain's release of acetylcholine, which is vital in the process of learning and short-term memory.

Bacopa also supports particular binding sites in the brain called cholinergic receptors that are associated with higher cognitive learning function and improved memory.

For adults, Bacopa is also used traditionally to support focus and lack of frustration tolerance.

For those seeking support of normal brain and memory function, as well as learning ability, Bacopa is history's smart choice for matters of the mind. Safe for long-term use.

Contains: Organic Bacopa standardized extract (whole plant) 250mg, Organic Bacopa powder (whole plant)500mg.

Take 1 caplet per day before food.

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