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Himalaya- Helps Build Up the Body's Own Natural Defense System

A nutritive super herb used for thousands of years to support the heart, liver, and vitality.

Emblicanins A and B are unique antioxidants, that support immune efforts and help rid the body of cell damaging free-radicals.

Supports detoxification and every aspect of digestion from the stomach to the lower intestines.

Amla is the key ingredient in the famous formula called "Chyavanprash", known as the "elixir of life".

Antioxidants from India's famous "gooseberry", Amla or Amalaki, support the normal health of cellular tissues and help nourish the organs and balance the immune system.

Amla's key plant tannins rejuvenate and support the intestinal lining allowing for normal digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Kep Amla components team up with immune efforts to support the body's own natural blood cleansing ability to support overall wellness

For regular, situational, or seasonal immune support. Safe for long-term use.

Contains: Organic Amla (Phyllanthus embilica) standardized extract (fruit) 250mg, Organic Amla powder 350mg.

Take one caplet twice daily before meals.

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