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Five Flower Formula™ (1/8 oz)


The famous “Rescue Remedy” emergency combination of Dr. Edward Bach — for calmness and stability in any emergency or time of stress

A combination of five English flower essences first developed by Dr. Edward Bach, promoting calm and balance in diverse situations of stress, emergency, and trauma.

The Five-Flower Formula™ is praised throughout the world by health practitioners and those who have experienced the profound yet gently healing benefits of this remedy. The formula of five different flower essences Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's through his own practice and observation. Over the years it has come to be regarded as a “rescue” combination for its remarkable ability to address emergency, trauma and crisis conditions.

Prepared in rural England by renowned teacher and naturalist, Julian Barnard of Healingherbs, Ltd., the formula is made according to the original directions and intentions of Dr. Bach, also incorporating Biodynamic and Organic practices.


Emergency or Crisis Calms mental levels of pain, suffering, and confusion – use for the person who is suffering as well as those who are helping.

Recovery from Trauma Promotes recovery from trauma, injury or illness by relieving stress, anxiety and tension.

Baseline Remedy for All Healing Stabilizes and calms the mind-body interface, before addressing specific emotions and behavior patterns.

Calms Children Use after household accidents, falls, scrapes, or burns, used along with appropriate physical care.

Aids Animals To pacify wild or trapped animals, or to help any injured or stressed pet, or when transporting any animal.

Plant Protection Use whenever transplanting to reduce shock, or in vases of cut flowers.

Prevention Use before known stressful situations such as visits to the dentist, preparation for surgery, labor and delivery, travel or moving.

Post-Trauma Use for post-traumatic stress of any kind, including surgery, war, rape, natural disaster, or loss of one’s loved ones or home.


Dosage: 1-2 drops can be taken directly under the tongue, or applied to pulse points. You can also dilute the drops in a spoonful of water or add several drops to a full glass of water and sip slowly throughout the day. 10 drops can also be added to a 4 oz misting bottle filled with fresh spring water to be misted around the body and environment. A "dosage bottle" can be made by adding 2-5 drops of the flower essence to a one-ounce bottle filled with fresh spring water and preserved with one tablespoon of brandy (or glycerine for those who prefer to avoid alcohol). This diluted down "dosage bottle" can be used in the same way as the original "stock bottle".

Emergency Administration: If you are assisting someone who is unable to drink, you can rub some of the concentrate on the lips and on the pulse points of the body. Alternatively, you can spray or mist the formula on the lips and over the whole body.

Topical Application: The Five-Flower Formula is very effective when applied topically in a cream base. Use a neutral cream which is easily absorbed. (Wide mouthed jars of FES Self-Heal Creme™ are designed for such use.) Add up to 10 drops of Five-Flower Formula per ounce. Stir clockwise and counter-clockwise for about one minute. This creme is highly beneficial for many emergency situations and can be made and stored along with the concentrate for future emergency use, or it can be made as needed for situations which arise.

Five-Flower Formula for Animals: Stock concentrate needs to be diluted into water for very small animals such as birds. One of the most effective applications is misting the formula on the mouth and on other parts of the body or even their bedding. The formula can be added to the drinking water, provided a fresh batch is made once or twice a day (the remedy will lose potency when exposed to air for several hours). You can also rub the drops directly into the skin of the animal, rub into the paws or feet of the animal, or conceal in a treat.

Five-Flower Formula for Plants: Add 10-15 drops of stock concentrate to a large water can and water after transplanting or ad to a large sprayer and spray around the entire periphery of the plant or community of plants. Add 1-3 drops of concentrate (depending on the size of the vase) to the water for fresh cut flowers.

Intended Use: Five-Flower Formula is not a substitute for qualified emergency care or medical or psychiatric intervention. For example, it can be used to help someone who is injured and is en route to the hospital, but it does not replace appropriate medical care or examination following any major injury or accident. Similarly the Five-Flower Formula may be very helpful in alleviating acute emotional stress following a devastating experience, but it not intended to replace other forms of metal health counseling and care.

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