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Grounding Green


Green flowers to strengthen body-earth alignment

Green flowers to strengthen body-earth alignment

Formerly called Gaia Green


* Builds strength, resilience and vitality in the body, through alignment with Earth’s life forces

* Provides grounding and stabilizing forces that protect from psychic dysfunction and immune distress in high intensity urban and technological environments

* Facilitates harmonious and vitalizing connection with Earth substances and forces when used for healing, gardening, artistic or professional pursuits

* Guides consciousness from “ego” to “eco” so that ecological values move beyond abstract rules or political formulas, toward a vibrant awareness of the Earth as a living being

* Motivates when feelings of discouragement, despair, or apathy threaten one’s positive outlook and active commitment to work for the healing and transformation of the Earth

* Increases appreciation of the Earth during travel, recreation or work by sensitizing awareness and perception for micro and macro manifestations of life

* Cultivates connection for children who do not feel bonded with Nature due to excessive urbanization and technological influences

* Fosters animal communication and connection, especially animals that may be suffering from urban stress. Can be used by both caretaker and animal.

The Grounding Green™ formula features:

Green Rein Orchid: Facilitating consciousness for the life force pulsating throughout the living being of Earth

Green Bells of Ireland: Catalyzing awareness for the elemental matrix (earth, air, fire, water) and its manifestation in the human body and soul; ability to receive and radiate elemental qualities through one’s physical presence

Lady’s Mantle: Alignment with the living dew mantle (hydrosphere) of the Earth; ability to bring magnetic living “green“ forces through one’s heart and hands; alchemical healing which ignites body and soul with life force and higher consciousness

Green Rose: The expansion of heart consciousness to include all living beings; transcending fear, mistrust and defensive barriers, toward greater insight and compassion

Cross Gentian: Ability to perceive the spiritual identity of the earth through alignment with its elemental body (four elements/seasons/directions); commitment to carry the cross of the living Earth despite hardships or setbacks

Green Nicotiana: Helping the heart-lung forces to breathe in relationship with the Earth; transcending hardening forces within modern technology and warfare that create barriers to the breathing heart of the Earth

Essential Oils: : The “evergreen” essential oils of Silver Fir, Sitka Spruce, and Cedarwood impart warming, grounding and nourishing forces from the heart of the Earth.

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