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Organic and Wildcrafted

A laid-back, spicy-hot yet cool blend of organic spices and herbs. Great with most dishes including chicken, pork, vegetables, beans, stir fries, soup, etc.

The name Hingwastika breaks down to mean the following: "Hing" is the Ayurvedic name for asofoetida and a simplistic translation of "wastika" is inner health or good health. This spice blend is useful for treating indigestion, gas and bloating and kindles digestion, assimilation and absorption. This formula is good for "vata" imbalance as it calms excess air in the digestive tract. It enhances digestive fire and can stimulate appetite and overall digestive functions. It helps to clear toxic residue from digestive tract and aids with maintaining regularity. It combines well with the Ayurvedic blend, triphala.

Ingredients: Organic and wildcrafted blend of asofoetida, ginger, black pepper, long pepper, rock salt, cumin, black cumin, ajwan seeds

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