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Plant Medicine Making ~ Internal Preparations with Alyssa Boyd

Saturday, October 20th, 10:00 am-5:30 pm,in the Humboldt Herbals Community Classroom at 219 D Street in Old Town Eureka.

$45.00. Call 442-3541 for more information or to register.

Harness and implement the bounty of the plant world around you when you learn to craft your own herbal medicine. From teas to tinctures to vinegars, honeys to syrups, oxymels to electuaries, you will learn which approach best suits different needs. We will utilize locally grown plants to explore the most effective and superior ways of creating plant medicine as we forage a path in understanding how to determine which plants pair best with various medicine making techniques. We'll also discuss how to determine dosage and appropriate use. Come join in blending the scientific constituents with that of whole plant spirit to craft your own unique medicine for health and harmony.

Alyssa is a Pacific Northwest native with a lifelong love for the region's marvelous plant life. As a graduate of Dandelion Herbal Center and a student of local botany, she enjoys crafting healing formulas with both the native flora and cultivated medicinals. Her free time is spent continuing her herbal education from her favorite teacher--- Nature.