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Irish Moss, c/s


Chondrus crispus- Certified Organic

Irish Moss is a “red” sea vegetable that grows in the intertidal zone on both sides of the North Atlantic. It is short and bushy, and often found in thick carpets on rocky shores. Our Irish Moss flakes are harvested in the Gulf of Maine, and are not bleached.

In Ireland, this sea plant is traditionally boiled with milk and sugar to release the gelling agent contained in the fronds (carrageenan), then cooled to form a pudding, sometimes called "Blancmange." The carrageenan (also called carrageen) extracted from Irish moss is used worldwide as a colloidal thickening agent in many foods and cosmetics. If you eat ice cream, you have probably already eaten this Irish moss extract.

Irish Moss and carrageenan have a long history of medicinal use for respiratory and digestive ailments. Like other gels from seaweed, carrageenan is soothing and nourishing to the skin. And like most sea vegetables, Irish Moss is rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and bioactive compounds, other than carrageenan.

Our Irish Moss is Certified Organic and sustainably harvested; samples are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, petroleum residues, radioactivity, and microbiological concerns.

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