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Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap


Restore, Revitalize and Nourish

Sea buckthorn fruit and nut oils are enormously therapeutic both internally and externally. Used externally, these oils restore, revitalize, nourish and heal the skin. High in fat-soluble vitamins (A & E), omega-7 oil and nutrients (EFA’s and phytosterols), sea buckthorn oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and helps to heal burns and eczema. This soap contains a luscious amount of both the fruit and nut oils and is silky smooth to the touch. The essential oil blend of lavender, neroli, vetiver and balsam peru helps to rejuvenate dry and mature skin while supporting relaxation and stress relief.

Handmade from scratch using olive, coconut, palm and sea buckthorn fruit & nut oils; safflower petals; essential oil blend of lavender, neroli, vetiver and balsam peru.

Available as 4 oz bar. 100% natural & vegan.

Camamu’s soaps 100% natural and are handmade from scratch in small batches using skin-loving vegetable oils, pure essential oil blends and all-natural additives. Camamu soaps gently cleanse while nourishing, moisturizing, repairing and balancing the skin. They are made using a cold-process method, leaving all the glycerin that forms naturally during the soap-making process in the soap.

A variety of base oils are used in these soaps but the ones used in greatest quantity are olive, coconut and palm. To boost the luscious soaps’ moisturizing, conditioning and reparative properties enriching oils like tea seed, sweet almond, avocado, shea butter and wheat germ are added. Camamu’s pure essential oil blends bring aromatherapeutic benefits to body and soul as well as balancing and helping to heal the skin. They provide gentle anti-microbial action and help combat inflammatory conditions. Herbal infusions, and culinary and botanical ingredients are added to the soap to intensify its general skin care, moisturizing and healing qualities. Honey is used for its healing and humectant qualities, corn meal and poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation, clays for absorbing surface oils, organic herbs for soothing and healing, goat’s milk for balancing and nourishing, activated charcoal for detoxifying – the list goes on and on.

Camamu has been committed to making 100% natural products since the beginning and has never wavered. They are adamant that skin care products are no place for chemicals, lathering agents, synthetic derivatives, preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral ores or micas. They never use animal fats – all of their products are vegan except for those containing honey or goat’s milk.

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