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Arnica Allay Body Oil


Seasons of the Soul Organic Herbal Flower Oils

Arnica Allay is important to have on hand as it provides relief for stress or strain to the muscles that haven’t been used for a while especially after injury or strain. Arnica is beneficial for injury of any kind and is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. It facilitates tissue regeneration for many kinds of bodily traumas, such as bruises, sprains, contusions, various forms of myalgia, hyperextensions, sports injury and recovery from surgery. Arnica Allay helps the body-soul complex to re-establish its balance and equilibrium from any kind of trauma or injury.

Arnica Allay oil can be used to reduce inflammation and recover more quickly from any trauma or injury, such as bruised skin or sprains (apply warm compresses over bandaged areas. Do not apply directly to open wounds); use preventatively to vulnerable or previously injured areas before physical engagement; before and after major sports events to speed recovery from any physical strain; use in a warm compresses to scar tissue, or other places where the body is still holding prior trauma and injury; use as an immediate first aid relief to any area of injury, however, use compresses for open cuts and wounds after they have been properly bandaged; use in baths or topical application to prepare for surgery and in compresses over the bandaged areas after surgery.

Hand-harvested blossoms of Arnica are sun-infused into Biodynamic® olive oil. Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Rose, Palmarosa, Cistus and Helichrysum essential oils are added for their stabilizing, anti-inflammatory and restorative qualities. The flower essences of Alpine Aster, Arnica, Chrysanthemum, Indian Pink and Star of Bethlehem provide strengthening, spiritualizing and centering during times of trauma or injury.

Seasons of the Soul™ Herbal Flower Oils are lovingly prepared by hand at Terra Flora, a Demeter certified organic and Biodynamic® garden at the FES headquarters in Nevada City, California. These oils are a vibrant fusion of flower essences, medical grade essential oils and herbal flowers, solarized in small batches of replenishing Biodynamic® certified olive oil. They are great to use for soothing bathtub soaks, relaxing massages, strengthening topical applications, and sacred anointing.

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