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Rosemary Verbenone (Veriditas)


Rosmarinus officinalis chemotype, verbenone- Corsica, France

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with a beautiful, garden-fresh aroma. Its minty, herbal vapors are especially useful for promoting a healthy respiratory track. It is also well-known for promoting cellular regeneration, clear skin and healthy digestion. Rosemary has been used for over a millennia for its medicinal properties and has been associated with memory and love since the early days of ancient Egypt.

Rosemary verbenone and Rosemary cineole share many of the same therapeutic properties and are used interchangeably or together. Rosemary verbenone, however, is better for skin care than its counterpart, Rosemary cineole, which is better for promoting circulation, a healthy respiratory system and a healthy digestive system.

Add Rosemary verbenone to shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatments for healthy hair and scalp. For sore muscles and joints, as well as for healthy skin, dilute Rosemary verbenone into a carrier oil and massage into areas of concern.

Rosemary verbenone can be added to diffusers for sinus and respiratory support, as well as to encourage mental clarity. It can also be added to vapor rubs, smelling salts, oils, baths, steam baths and direct palm inhalation for the same purposes.

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