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Myrrh Co2 (Pranarom)

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Commiphora myrrha- Somalia

About: Myrrh is a dwarfed conifer tree with knotted branches found in the arid deserts of Northern Africa. It produces a thick sap from which the essential oil is produced through CO2 extraction. The essential oil has a rich, resinous, earthy aroma and has many uses. Historically, Myrrh resin has been used as medicine, tea and incense throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Today it is best known as one of the gifts presented to the baby Jesus by the Magi.

Suggested Uses: Myrrh is used in many formulations. Used by herbalists for millennia, Myrhh has been applied traditionally to minor cuts and scrapes. It is used to maintain oral health and is added to mouthwash, toothpastes, tooth powder and applied to teeth and gums. It can be used in skin care to promote toning, regular cellular regeneration, and overall healthy skin. Myrrh smells amazing in blended soaps, candles, diffusers, and body care products and can also be used as food flavoring.

All essential oils at Veriditas Botanicals are NOP certified and Certified Organic through the French certification agency – ECOCERT

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