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Geranium, Rose (Pranarom)


Pelargonium asperum- France

Rose Geranium essential oil has a strong, sweet, green and flowery scent that is packed with potential uses and therapeutic applications. The oil is used extensively in body care products, perfumes, household cleaners, and natural bug repellents. Rose Geranium is safe for use with all populations.

Rose Geranium is used by aromatherapists in formulations for supporting sleep, relaxation, and healthy emotional response to everyday stressors. The oil is also used in homemade skin-care for supporting clear, calm, hydrated skin; it is especially lovely for mature and easily irritated complexions. For foot and nail health, the oil can be applied in a cream. Rose Geranium is also added to household cleaning products and bug-repellant.

All essential oils at Veriditas Botanicals are NOP certified and Certified Organic through the French certification agency – ECOCERT.

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