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Carrot Seed (Pranarom)


Daucus carota- France

Carrot Seed essential oil has a potent, warm, woody, carrot-like aroma that can be found in fine perfumes throughout France and that is used extensively for skin and facial care. Do not use if breastfeeding or pregnant. Never ingest Carrot Seed essential oil.

Carrot Seed can be found in blends for supporting normal cell regeneration and health, applying to occasional scrapes and bruises, and maintaining healthy circulation.

The fragrance of Carrot Seed is fruity, sharp and pungent. It is a great oil to add to ones skin care regime. Carrot Seed oil improves skin tone, and elasticity and will help moisten dry skin. It deters wrinkles, dermatitis, eczema, rashes and skin discoloration.

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