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Yeast Relief


Veriditas Organic Wellness Formula

Provides soothing relief for yeast overgrowth and vaginal infections. This formula will bring tingling relief upon contact to mucus membranes.

Apply 2-4 drops on a clean finger or 3-6 drops on a Q-tip and apply directly to effected area 2-4 times per day. For vaginal application, apply 3-5 drops, undiluted, with a cotton swab or a clean finger internally or externally.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use with tampons. Do not use essential oils with condoms, diaphragms, or birth control barrier methods.

Ingredients: Tea Tree, Lavender, Blue Chamomile, Thyme linalol Helichrysum and Calendula infused oil.

Made with 100% pure organic essential oils. For external use only! Keep out of reach of children! Avoid contact with eyes!

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