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Melablend (Essence of Australia)


First Aid Anti-microbial and Anti-septic

Formulated specifically for diffusion, Melablend's base combines the therapeutic benefits of the Melaleuca (Tea Tree) species with the enhanced tissue penetration benefit of Nerolidol (a chemical component found in the volatile oil), which gives the blend a lilac/floral overtone.

Testing is currently being conducted to investigate the apparent improvement of the Melablend Oil over 100% Oil of Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) against gram negative bacteria and other organisms. Melablend can be blended with other therapeutic essential oils for specific purposes, or may be optionally fragranced with fine aromatic essential oils.

Summary of Uses:

• Antibacterial and antifungal blend for diffusion and "first-aid" applications, such as immediate use for minor cuts, abrasions and burns

• General antiseptic, great to diffuse for "cleaning" the air - especially if someone is sick in the household

• Recommended concentration in formulations: In diffusers, use the pure essential oil blend, with or without adding other pure essential oils. As with all essential oils, do not apply directly to the skin without properly diluting.

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