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Lemon Myrtle (Essence of Australia)


Backhousia citriodora- Antimicrobial, Energizing, Balancing, Re-freshening

The wonderful tangy aroma of Lemon Myrtle is used in Australian bush cuisine, perfumery and aromatherapy applications. Reminiscent of lemon and of the rare, true Melissa (Lemon Balm) oil, it is an excellent blending oil with long-lasting characteristics.

A superb oil, now under plantation cultivation as it is a relatively uncommon semi-rainforest dweller in its natural state, it is produced via steam distillation from the leaves and twigs of Backhousia citriodora (plantation tree) and its main component is citral.

It has a dramatic lemon scent with mild spicy undertones. It is an extraordinarily fragrant oil with enormous potential for both aromatherapy and cosmetics/perfumery uses. Being a particularly powerful oil, it should never be used at concentrations above 1%. A fine oil on its own, it blends well with virtually any other essential oils, and particularly the other Australian oils, to give them a superb "lift."

Summary of Uses:

• Energizing oil in aromatherapy and massage

• Freshens rooms and buildings

• Aids lungs and respiratory infections

• The scent balances energy

• Antimicrobial

• Antifungal

• Use at low concentrations - skin irritant at high concentrations

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