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Amber Resinoid (Taos Herb Co)


From Taos Herbs

This combination of one or more tree resins was originally created as an Ayurvedic formula to relieve stress.

Process: The crude essential oil is obtained by dry distillation of the fossil resin.

Amber Resinoid Blends well with: essential oil of jasmine, patchouli oil, cedar wood EO, myrrh oil, frankincense oil, lemon and mandarin essential oil.

Uses, Mixtures and Recipes for Amber Paste Resinoid:

Combine 1 - 2 oz of Amber Paste Resinoid to your soap making

Diffuse to ease tension.

Add a few drops to potpourri mixtures

Amber Paste Resinoid makes an inviting air fresheners

Add a few drops to a drawn bath for a touch of luxury.

Amber Oil Properties: Calming, analgesic.

With a scent that is mysterious and ancient and yet delicate, amber resinoid paste is one of our favorites.

Avoid if pregnant

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