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Clear Energy (4 oz)


A refreshing formula to help clear stagnant and negative energy

This blend helps to clear yourself of negativity and stagnancy. Perfect for clearing energy from one’s self after a stressful situation or an area that needs a little refreshing and clearing. Great for disinfecting sick rooms and clearing infection from the air.

Directions: Spray on or around your body. You can also spray on clothing, bedding, around the room, etc.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Essential oils of: Eucalyptus, Pine, Lavender, Orange, Cedar, Bergamot, Lemon; Flower Essences of: Pink Yarrow, Mt. Penny Royal, Self Heal, Garlic, Y.E.S.

Our line of spritzers incorporate 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, hydrosols and flower essences to help enhance healing on a gentle and subtle level. Great for balancing the body, emotions and spirit.

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