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CITRUS Inhaler


A sunny, uplifting blend of Melaleuca and Citrus

Pack along this small, light, refillable inhaler stick and use whenever you would like for an invigorating and uplifting effect. Use to raise the spirits and invigorate the mind. Enjoy its aromatic and therapeutic benefits wherever you go - perfect for pocket or purse.

Directions: Unscrew cover. Breathe in the essential oil vapor. Repeat as desired. Close tightly after use. For external aromatic use only. Store at room temperature. When stored properly, it can be effective up to three months or more.

Experience The Essence of Australia!

Plant Extracts International Inc. imports the finest quality Australian native plant essential oils - grown, distilled, processed and packaged to the highest standards.

Based in northern New South Wales, the Australian Essential Oil Company (AEOC) has been producing and marketing the finest Australian native plant essential oils throughout the world for over 25 years.

Australia is a huge storehouse of essential oil-bearing plants, most of which have many diverse and exciting applications. In many cases, they have been used directly from the plant by the Australian aboriginal peoples for thousands of years as part of an Aboriginal Pharmacopaeia. The plant varieties used to make these essential oils have been cultivated into plantations so that the wild populations are left in their original state, unexploited. Additionally, a strong and loyal group of growers produce these plant products under AEOC's guidance. This enables them to set and maintain very high standards of purity and ecological sustainability, and to guarantee the quality of their products.

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