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Since ancient times essential oils have been thought to benefit the body, mind and emotions. Old manuscripts tell of fragrances from plants as ingredients in charms and ceremonies, as well as in remedies, cosmetics, and food. In the Middle Ages, in particular, monks cultivated herbs and discovered many of their restorative properties. They were among the first to distill precious plant essences, carefully blending them into liqueurs to be administered to patients.

These concentrated pure plant extracts, revered for their fragrance and their therapeutic value, are what we term essential oils. The use of such oils is known as aromatherapy.

Many essential oils are believed to have special properties, ranging from antiseptic to aphrodisiac in effect. Some promote relaxation and a general feeling of balance, others stimulate and rejuvenate. All can encourage a feeling of well being and can be used to treat or prevent health problems, or simply create a mood and pamper your senses.

Particular essential oils may be prescribed by an aromatherapist for varying conditions. Chamomile is useful for tension and insomnia, rosemary is good for poor circulation and fatigue; peppermint is a tried and true remedy for indigestion; common sage can benefit muscular problems; and sandalwood has a relaxing and tonifying effect on the nervous system.

There are many ways to experience the benefits of essential oils, which involve either breathing in the enticing aromas or absorbing the diluted oils through the skin with massage (put a few drops in a carrier oil like sweet almond) or aromatic baths (put two to four drops in a warm bath). Essential oils are also wonderful additions to salves, herbal medicines and culinary recipes, but KNOW YOUR OILS BEFORE YOU USE THEM! This information is an excerpt from Pamela Allardice's "The Art of Aromatherapy."