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H2EO® AirCare Ultrasonic Diffuser (Blue Light)

We HIGHLY recommend diffusing your essential oils in the H2EO® AirCare Ultrasonic Diffuser. Far superior to other diffusers and glass nebulizers, they use no heat or air pumps (which can seriously damage the chemistry and scent of essential oils), and safe low voltage of direct current to effectively, completely, and economically use precious essential oils. They harness the science of ultrasound to deliver micron-sized essential oil droplets so fine that within a moment of leaving the diffuser, the cool mist becomes a vapor, incorporated into the atmosphere and spreading evenly throughout your room. For healthful sleep, all lights can be turned off (including the red power light) while diffusion continues. Depending on room size, relative humidity, mode and volume settings chosen, it can last the night through without refilling. When the water level gets low, the diffuser automatically shuts itself off, so it is safe to leave on unattended.

They feature:

* Ability to turn all lights off (including the red power light) for operation while sleeping

* Quiet diffusion of any pure essential oil or pure essential oil blend (use no carrier oils, such as almond, sesame, etc.)

* Easy to operate redesigned control panel

* Optimized volume settings let you choose low, medium or high output

* Five modes let you choose continuous or four intermittent settings for maximum control

* Lightweight, compact, energy-efficient switch-mode power adapter

* Addition of a visible water fill line to help prevent over-filling

* Owner’s instruction manual

* 12-month manufacturer's warranty (unprecedented in the industry) and after-sale parts and service (they never need end up in a landfill!)

You have an option of a blue light diffuser or a multi-colored light diffuser with settings for either blue, green or red light. The multi-colored diffuser also has an option to switch between all 3 colors creating a rainbow effect for extra ambiance.

Check out this video for a demonstration of our new favorite diffuser!

  • A safe, effective and economical way to diffuse essential oils!
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